body love

I am a personal trainer and body love coach committed to helping women feel at home in their bodies.
I often work with Mothers of young children who want to get back into shape, and redefine what “healthy” now looks like alongside the other priorities of being a Mum. I hold prenatal and postnatal qualifications and can liaise with any allied health professionals that you may be seeing. But not just for Mums, I work with ANY women who want to feel more body confident and to stop the overwhelm of negative body image getting in the way of enjoying life and loving their bodies.

Love your body for what it can do, rather than obsessing over how it looks.
I help women focus on the good stuff! How many push-ups can you do? Can I get you to the stage where you can do three chin-ups unassisted? How much can you improve in your beep test in the space of six weeks? Getting fitter and stronger is intrinsically motivating and so much more sustainable and FUN than focusing on weight loss. The great thing about progress over perfection is that when you take the pressure off ‘looking a certain way’ you’re going to end up looking amazing! But you will learn to enjoy the journey whilst still arriving at your destination. It’s win-win!

of perfection

I used to be a pretty big perfectionist especially when it came to my body; how much a trained and what I ate. I was pretty obsessed with “healthy”. But the truth is even obsessions with health can be unhealthy.

After the birth of my son I went through a big shift in my identity as I began to realise there was more to me than my old image, and that becoming a Mum was a process of surrender, self compassion and letting go of perfection. My priorities needed to shift so I could really step into this new role.

Every challenge brings a much needed gift so from this transition my work with women has taken a new turn. I encourage them to listen to their bodies more, to exercise because it feels good (not because you “have to”), to seek out goals and meaning that are beyond weight loss, and to reconcile with their bodies.


One of the best things I have ever done is launch the Wild Woman Workout. It’s a body love fitness program for women who want to feel sexier, more self loving and also get fit and strong at the same time. It’s also just the most magical space for women to connect and chat with each other. Every workout is finished off with a meditation, and a bliss ball and we all look forward to Wednesday nights! Each new term brings a new routine with new songs.

This body is your home. And it may change over time but how you look, is not who you are. So it is important for you to look after this body, to eat nourishing foods, to move more and also to be kind and loving to yourself. It’s not sustainable to expect that your diet will be perfect 100% of the time, and guilt is a wasted emotion. I help women to ditch the diet mentality, and instead introduce healthy habits slowly and sustainable until they just become a normal part of your routine.

The more you train with me the more you will begin to accept who you are, and to love your body for what it can do, instead of obsessing over how it looks. The secret is, when you start with compassion and acceptance you will automatically start treating your body better – eating healthier, moving more and naturally you will become the weight you should be.

Yes, you really can be happy and feel at home in your beautiful body, and no it doesn’t have to look perfect in order for you to do this. I’m looking forward to helping you improve your fitness, learn to love your body and kick-start your well-being!

Bec Heelan x