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BODY LOVE FITNESS PROGRAM: The Wild Woman Workout is a six week body love fitness program to help you get fitter, stronger and feel more confident in your body. As one of my clients put it “the gym is intimidating because it’s just fit people getting fitter”. But stepping into this judgement free space, you will soon feel at ease. This is a workout you will LOVE to come back to each week and take little snippets into your everyday life at home.

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    Build confidence through sensual dance moves, powerful strength moves and opportunity to speak up in the body love workshop afterwards

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    Get Stronger and Fitter

    The routine remains the same for the six week term so you can feel yourself improving and getting stronger and fitter each week

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    Join the community

    Join the private Facebook group, see what other group classes are running, and feel supported as other women share their wisdom in the body love workshop after the workout.

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    Relax and unwind

    Each week I will guide you through a different meditation after the workout that is about checking in with your body and the wisdom it holds. What people share with the group after the meditation is truly amazing!

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    Bliss Balls

    You had me at “bliss balls”. The perfect post workout treat!



    6 week course



      Boot Camp for beginners: This is no ordinary boot camp. It’s designed by a woman for women and is suitable for beginners to intermediate exercisers. It involves boxing and strength exercises and is different each week so you never get bored. You will be greeted with bright lights and pumping music as the sun comes up over the trees.

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        No shouting, no shaming

        This is not your typical boot camp experience. No body shaming, no shouting, no judgements. Feel welcomed and supported with a group of women and a body positive trainer that “gets you”

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        Getter fitter and stronger

        I will measure your fitness and strength in week one and week six to see just how much progress you’ve made. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t improved.

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        Choose one or two classes a week

        Save money on your second class when you sign up for two sessions a week, and get even better results.

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        Burn Fat for hours!

        This workout will speed up your metabolism and burn fat for hours afterwards, so while you’re sitting at your desk or playing with your children you can feel good knowing you’ve smashed out a workout while most people were still in bed. How good is that?

      Casual Class


        6 Week Course


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